Commission a Painting

Mark B. Goodson (3)

If you love the look, feel, and style of my work, but do not find the actual painting you desire, this is clear evidence that you may need to get involved in the creative process with me.


Exploring your artistic thoughts and desires, we can bring new original art, uniquely painted for you, into the world... into your world.


The process is quite pleasant and straight forward:

  1. To begin, I can provide price information for various canvas sizes, so you can have a general idea of costs.

  2. If you have a clear idea of what you want a painting of or even a picture you want me to work from, just share your thoughts and pics with me (by phone, text or email) so I can help work out the composition as we determine the best way to present the subject in the painting you desire. 

    • If on the other hand, you would like me to take pics of your subject, or brainstorm with you to determine a subject that is significant to you, I am happy to do so. 

    • For those who live in the region of my studio I have often gone on location to both see and photograph the subject matter as well as the space where the painting is to be hung. Often the size or placement of the painting has had more options than previously thought.

  3. Once we know the subject matter and have worked out the composition, we can determine the size and shape of the canvas.

  4. Once the subject matter and size are determined, I can provide firm pricing information.​

  5. Once all is well, and we are ready to get started, you and I will sign a simple one-page contract and I will accept your 50% deposit.

  6. If you like, I will text images of the painting’s progression to you at the end of each week.

  7. Upon completion, and your satisfaction, I will accept your balance payment and present you with your framed painting. 

  8. Note: the frame I make is my gift to you.

  9. Shipping: If shipping is required, I ship for free within the continental United States. Pricing for shipping outside the continental United States will be calculated as needed.

  10. Special Bonus: with your painting, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity packet which includes: the Certificate of Authenticity, a page showing a color image of the artwork and giving its story/description, a Cover Letter, a page describing the Value of This Packet, the Artist’s Story, an Artist Statement, the Artist’s Bio. and a special Bonus Gift for you… a brush actually used by the artist in creating your painting.

Let's create something wonderful!

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon.