A Pink Rose

A Pink Rose

A Pink Rose | 11”x 14” | Pastel on Wallis Paper 

One of my early works, this pastel is of our daughter Emma. It is owned by her grandmother LaVoie. Putting such a variety of color in her skin was just plain fun. The texture in the weave of her sweater is implied with minimal effort while the relief of the rose is affected through shifts in value and color.

Unlike her 16 and 22 years older brothers, Emma did not grow up watching Saturday morning cartoons sandwiched between hundreds of commercials advertising all those toys and stuff targeted toward children. As a result, she did not ask for or beg for things every time we went into a store, even a toy store. It was a refreshing change. I remember the first time she did ask for something, it was a pink stuffed bear. We got the bear for her and she named in Bearly. I did another pastel of Emma while holding the Bear. Now, out of high school, she still has Bearly.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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