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All Played Out

All Played Out

All Played Out | 40”x 30” | Oil on Canvas


Stop, look closely, what is happening here? Is she in the street? Has she been hit by a car? Is she dead? Some have asked these very questions when viewing this painting. The clues are all there for the observant to discover what is going on. Stop yourself and be patient. Listen to how the image makes you feel. Look closely and pay attention. What do you see? What is this place? What’s up with this girl?


Once you “get” where she is, the sidewalk chalk may seem out of place, but kids are not restricted by what adults think is ‘normal’. Kids move with their imaginations while they play.


The direction of light is softly but well established and there are nice shadows to bring everything together, to strengthen the principle elements in the painting. The color harmony throughout the painting is very pleasing. The overall cool tones are complemented by the touches of intensity in the warmth of her lips and ear. Still, the element which most captivates the viewer is the gaze of those pure, clear eyes from this seemingly emotionless face. The girl’s entire body, being above the center line of the painting, may have caused a lack of interest in the foreground. However, this is not the case. Not only does the dynamic perspective of the chalk create interest, but so does the woven texture of the surface fabric as it pulls our eye in to the girl, and for the truly observant, sags under the weight of her body.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size               # in Edition

    40"x 30"        25

    30"x 22"        200

    20"x 15"        300

    12"x 9"          400

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