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Ben & Lorraine Brough

Ben & Lorraine Brough

Ben & Lorraine Brough | 40”x 30” | Oil on Canvas | Commission


This double portrait is of my beloved aunt and uncle who were so kind as to provide my siblings and me with five cousins living just four blocks from my parents home. Their son Gary was about a year older than me, but in the same school grade. Gary was a State high school track champion.


Uncle Ben worked at Hill Field Air Force Base. HIs stories of co-workers ‘taking’ things home and being upset with him because he would not take things, had a positive influence on my appreciation for being an honest person.


Uncle Ben also owned a backhoe tractor and did a lot of trench digging for additional income. We young boys were fascinated by the deep trenches and the piles of dirt next to them. He was good to warn us away with the fear of our falling in and a trench wall collapsing in on us.


It was an honor to paint the portraits of these good salt-of-the-earth people.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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