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Ben Wadman

Ben Wadman

Ben Wadman | 30”x 40” | Oil on Canvas


Ben Wadman started Wadman Corporation long before it was the national company it is today. It was Ben’s son Jay Wadman who commissioned me to paint three portraits for the entry of their corporate headquarters in Ogden Utah. One portrait is of Ben, another is of his son Jay, and the third is of Jay’s son David Wadman.


This painting of Ben was the most difficult of the three portraits due to the following challenges:

  • In the first place there were few photographs of Ben, and none in a formal front-facing stance wearing a suit. This required me to use my son, with his similar build, as a suited model.
  • I also found and used vintage furnishings from Ben’s era for the background.
  • Still the most complex aspect was the fact that Ben had suffered a stroke which caused one side of his face to sag. Using the other side of his face as a model I was able to restructure his face to show him as he was prior to the stroke, as the family remembered him in his healthier, vibrant days.


Wadman Corporation is a national Construction Manager / General Contractor who have been delivering quality for over 71 years, successfully completing a variety of projects from small remodel and renovations with budgets less than $100,000 to large complex projects with budgets over $80 million.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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