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Composition Doll 1

Composition Doll 1

Composition Doll 1 | 72”x 60” | Oil on Canvas 


One day, in an antique store, as my wife (a doll collector) and I were looking at dolls. I turned and saw this doll sitting as you see her here. The doll struck me as being thoughtful, and I felt compelled to do a painting of it. I called my wife’s attention to the doll and told her how I felt. Being the supportive type, she said “Do I get the doll when you’re done painting it?” We purchased the doll and were both happy. As it turns out, the doll evokes such different moods and feelings when placed in different lighting and positions that I plan to do multiple paintings of this doll.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    60"x 50"          200

    48"x 40"          300

    36"x 30"          400

    24"x 20"          500

    12"x 10"          600


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