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Cook, OJ (greeting card)

Cook, OJ (greeting card)

Cook, OJ | 5”x 7” | Greeting Card


In appreciation for the many blue collar workers who provide valuable services in our local communities, I did a series of six large Blue Collar Worker paintings.

In exhibition, when these paintings were hung, we raised them a bit higher on the wall than is typical. This gave viewers an additional opportunity to ‘look up to’ all blue collar workers who do so much for each of us.

One of the subjects in this series is OJ, a Cook who at the time was working at the El Matador restaurant in Bountiful. He has since opened his own restaurant called Orlando’s in Kaysville, UT. I recommend it.

Here we see OJ working in the kitchen, putting food onto colorful plates in preparation for waitresses to deliver them to customers... yum! OJ’s warm colored shirt complements well with the greens and blues in the painting. His shirt and warm facial skin tones also solidifies him as the focal point of the painting.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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