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Yo-Yos (greeting card)

Yo-Yos (greeting card)

Yo-Yos | 9”x 4” | Greeting Card


The pleasure of playing with a yoyo is like feeling the warmth of Summer sunshine, getting a new pack of baseball cards with gum, and having a full day to run free with your friends.


Playing with a yo-yo is rich with challenge, like learning to do Walk the Dog, Around the World, or Baby in the Cradle. It is so satisfying and such fun, especially when you get good at it.

Gathering these vintage yo-yos was like a treasure hunt. I was particularly happy to find the one where some kid named Jimmy Schouse carved his name into it, that kid must be in his 70’s by now. It would have been fun to find Jimmy and give his cherished toy back to him. By the looks of his yo-yo, he must have been good at Walk the Dog.


I enjoyed working out the composition and painting these vintage wood yoyo’s with their beautiful patina. I love the look of such things with the wear of human use on them. This painting was purchased from me in Scottsdale AZ by a family from NY. Along with the painting I gave them the 7 actual yoyo’s featured in this work of art.


“You should have the Art you Love”

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