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Dandelion Love

Dandelion Love

Dandelion Love | 18”x 30” | Oil on Canvas

This little girl is looking up to her mom in loving kindness.
She is not concerned with any lack of funds to purchase a gift for her mother. She has gone out in the strength and purity of her love and gathered the bounty of the earth available to her. She is not troubled by the thought of weeds, no, she knows beauty when she finds it, and she knows what to do with it. This is true love, it is dandelion love.


I enjoy painting kids as they so often are... scuffed and in need of a bath, just look at that hair, wonderful!

Here we have the perspective of an adult looking down at a child who is looking up at them. The girl has dirty brown hair. She is wearing a violet blouse and skirt, both with floral designs. She is wearing flip flops on her feet and holding a bouquet of Dandelions with both hands in front of her. The ground is grass with a few spots of sunlight. There is a hula hoop on the ground in the upper left corner.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                 # in Edition

    18"x 30"           25

    13.5"x 22.5"     200

    8"x 13.3"          300


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