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Daniel Green

Daniel Green

Daniel Green | 6”x 9” | Oil on Panel

Daniel Green (1934-2020) was a highly successful and well known New York artist who contributed much of his time and energies to the Portrait Society of America. I have personally benefited as a painter by attending presentations given by Daniel Green at the Portrait Society’s conventions. The Portrait Society of America is dedicated to promoting fine art portraiture and figurative works through publications and programs. This painting of Daniel Green was done by referencing a photograph I took at PSofA’s convention during one of Mr. Green’s demonstrations.

Here we see Daniel Green from the back while he reaches toward his canvas. Holding his maul stick in his left hand to support his right hand and brush. He wears a deep red shirt. Light is coming from the left. There is a light pole just right of center. The bottom right corner is the dark head of a member of the audience watching Mr. Green’s presentation.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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