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Disney Yo-yos

Disney Yo-yos

Disney Yo-yos | 78”x 20” | Oil on Canvas



What a great combination, the fun toy that fits nicely into your pocket, the vintage happiness of Disney, and the pleasant anticipation of further good times in the future.


Here we see the classic characters: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in wonderful colors.


This is a feel-good painting that will inspire happiness wherever you hang it.


As a boy I enjoyed playing with my yo-yo. At first it was fun just to get it to go down and come back up again. It was fun to learn tricks like Walk the Dog and Around the World.


This was a fun painting to create, from collecting the yo-yos to setting up the composition on the sidewalk around the corner from my studio. I enjoyed painting the rich local colors, and the reflected colors you see bouncing from one yo-yo onto another.


There is also good light from the sun, cast shadows on the ground, and nice depth of field in the deeper space of the painting, beyond the yo-yos.


I hope you find as much pleasure with this painting as I do.


As always, I assure you that it will look even better in your space.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                    # in Edition

    78"x 20"            25

    60"x 15.38"       200

    44"x 11.38"       300

    30"x 7.69"         400

    19.5"x 5"           500



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