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Elder Enzio Busche (greeting card)

Elder Enzio Busche (greeting card)

Elder Enzio Busche | 7”x 5” | Greeting Card


Scott, a friend of mine served a mission in his youth under Mission President Enzio Busche. The two remained close through the years. At some point Scott became aware of, and got a copy of this childhood image of now Elder Enzio Busche. Scott commissioned this sepia toned portrait as a gift for Elder Busche.

It is a thoughtful image as we see young Enzio Busche outside, sitting in a wooden chair with an open book in his lap. He is facing forward and looking up as if to acknowledge the viewer. The sun light is coming from the left and casting his shadow onto a stucco textured portion of architecture behind him. By way of clothing he is wearing a button-up shirt, buttoned up all the way. By the straps and buckles across his chest it also appears that he is wearing lederhosen.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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