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Father Patrick, Final Blessing

Father Patrick, Final Blessing

Father Patrick, Final Blessing | 22”x 16” | Oil on Canvas


I count it as a real honor to have painted this portrait of Father Patrick, a humble, dear, loving man who truly was puzzled that people made a fuss over him. He once told me “I’m just a guy from Missouri.”


This portrait pays tribute to Father Patrick, a beloved Monk and revered individual whose impact on the lives of many has been immeasurable. He has been hailed as an exceptional teacher, a true shepherd, and a creator of lasting relationships, known for his patience, and devotion to prayer.


The image depicts Father Patrick giving a final blessing at the last Mass held at The Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity Monastery, in Ogden Valley, near Huntsville, Utah.


Father Patrick, a cherished and integral part of the Valley, served for an impressive seventy years, with a sense of humor and unwavering love for others. He was a trusted counselor, confessor, and friend, touching the hearts and souls of all in his sphere.


The portrait has evoked an emotional response from the public. As they witness the portrayal of Father Patrick for the first time, many individuals have shared their heartfelt stories and experiences with the artist, revealing again the extraordinary nature of this revered man.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    22"x 16"           25

    16.5"x 12"        200

    11"x 8"             300



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