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Framer, Verl Moon

Framer, Verl Moon

Framer, Verl Moon | 48”x 60” | Oil on Panel

In appreciation for the many blue collar workers who provide valuable services in our local communities, I did a series of six large Blue Collar Worker paintings.

In exhibition, when these paintings were hung, we raised them a bit higher on the wall than is typical. This gave viewers an additional opportunity to, look up to, all blue collar workers who do so much for each of us.


One of the subjects in this series is my friend Verl Moon, who is a home framer.


This image has Verl on the job. We see him cropped into the foreground working at a saw horse with the depth of field going back into the structure of the house. Verl has his tool belt on, and suspenders holding it up. He is in a white T-shirt and ball cap with well tanned arms and face. Verl knows his craft, and we all benefit as a result.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    48"x 60"             25

    36"x 45"             200

    24"x 30"             300

    16"x 20"             400

    12"x 15"             500



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