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Giddy-Up Cowgirl

Giddy-Up Cowgirl

Giddy-up Cowgirl, | 36”x 52” | Oil on Canvas

This was a fun one, and it was my wife’s idea. The doll in the painting belongs to my wife, she is a bit of a collector. One day she tells me she thinks I should do a painting of a little cowgirl, with a stick horse, vest, hat and boots just like the doll, while she’s holding the doll.

Living in the West as we do, in a small mountain valley where there
really are little cowgirls and horses, we decided to go for it. We checked out the little girls at church, and chose Austin. Next, I contacted her grandparents to see if they liked the idea as much
as we did, and would commission the painting... they did.


Life sized Austin Summers is just off center as she stands astride a vintage vinyl stick horse on the dirt road near grandpa’s barn.
She is turned 3/4 to our left while her happy face looks right at us.
She is a good match to the doll with her red hat, red boots, suede skirt, vest, and plaid shirt. Beyond Austin is the tall grass lining the road, and further into the field is her grandfather leading his very real horse.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    36"x 52"             25

    27"x 39"            200

    18"x 26"            300

    12"x 17.33"       300

    9"x 13"              500



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