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Henry (dog)

Henry (dog)

Henry | 40”x 30” | Oil on Canvas


Henry is a magnificent Chocolate Labrador, beautiful, strong, loving and loyal. He is also playful and takes particular delight in romping and swimming in water.


One day, at a beautiful mountain lake, under the watchful eye of his devoted owners, Henry was thoroughly enjoying a good swim. Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, a woman stepped from the woods and bluntly told them to get the dog out of the lake. At first they were taken aback, but the lady went on to say that there was an algae in the water that would soon kill their dog. She said that, right now, they must get the dog to the nearest vet as fast as possible if they were to have any hope of saving him.


Out of love for Henry, they took her at her word and rushed to a Vet 40 minutes away. By the time they got there, Henry was obviously sick and in trouble. Working quickly the Vet did what was necessary, but it was still touch-and-go for several days before Henry began to regain strength and was able to go back home.


This close call inspired the idea of having Henry’s portrait painted. We met together at their beautiful mountain home on a lovely Fall morning. In the painting we see Henry, at home, fully alive, in his handsome glory.


“You should have the Art you Love”

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    40"x 30"           25

    30"x 20"           200

    20"x 15"            300

    12"x 9"              400

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