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Infinite (greeting card)

Infinite (greeting card)

Infinite | 5”x 7” | Greeting Card


This is a painting full of metaphor, and Christian symbolism. Here’s how I see it...
Having reached the age of accountability, the child ventures out of the house (the full coverage and protection of Christ’s infinite atonement). She is now out on the path of life as one accountable for her own sins.

The white dress represents her desire to commit to follow Christ, to be reborn thru baptism, willing to keep His commandments and to repent when she falls short.

The dappled light on the red door, appearing “fluid,” represents the atoning blood of Christ. With resolve, the girl tightly clenches in her fists some white and red flowers (Mercy and Justice).
Her face shows she is happy with her decision.

The angle of her gaze is to the flowers she holds, but look further, follow her gaze to the forked twig on the path before her. One of the forks is broken off, reminding us that some paths can separate us from the stem of Jessie (Christ).

Note that life’s path is not without debris (pain, suffering, temptation, sin, heartbreak, difficulty, illness, sorrow etc...), but there is also much joy, growth, and becoming to experience.

There are dark places off the path where one may get lost for a time, scratched, bruised and torn. There will always be light and gifts of the spirit available to help her back to the path, when she is ready to accept them, as there is for all of us.

There is great cause to hope, the atonement of Jesus Christ is infinite.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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