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Jacks | 72”x 24” | Oil on Canvas

This is a game that develops quick hand-eye coordination. You lightly toss the 10 jacks out onto the floor or table and then toss the ball into the air. Before the ball can bounce a second time, you have to pick up a specific number of jacks and catch the ball.

In one game you first pick up 1 jack, “onesies” (without touching any other jacks), catch the ball as described, then gather all the jacks and toss them out again. Next you snatch up two jacks, “twosies”, then three jack’s, “threesies” etc... until you successfully snatch up all ten jacks, “tensies”.


If you mess up anywhere along the line, it becomes another person’s turn and you’ll start again with onesies. The first one to complete “tensies” is the winner. Having been taught by her mother, my wife remembers being mighty good at this game as a young girl.


For this painting I spread the jacks out onto an old Formica topped kitchen table, the kind with chrome metal trim around the edge. These tables were not uncommon in the era of Jacks’ popularity. I also tossed the ball and painted it to be in the air, mid-bounce.


This is a colorful painting which adds a delightful visual presence to a room, helping to create a happy place.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    72"x 24"          25

    54"x 18"          200

    36"x 12"          300

    15"x 5"            400




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