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Jensen's Place (greeting card)

Jensen's Place (greeting card)

Jensen's Place | 7”x 5” | Greeting Card


This home at the mouth of Middle Fork Canyon here in Ogden Valley is the home of the Jensen family. The Jensen’s are not only well respected by the people of the Valley (and many others), but, they are also well liked and loved.

A house becomes a home over time, a “home base” if you will. We get up to the plate and we take our swings at life. We run the bases, and even stay at one or more of them for a while, but we are running for home, we are running for family. Home is where we do our best living, and loving, and strengthening each other as we work our way through life’s challenges. Home is a refuge and a place to belong.

Portraits of family homes can be a beautiful way to record and remember our homes. If you would like to commission a “Home Portrait”, contact me at


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