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Little Ballerinas

Little Ballerinas

Little Ballerinas | 34”x 24” | Oil on Canvas 

Grace in motion may not be a term used by mature ballerinas to describe little girls like this. But still, it is the beginning of the training process, a journey toward gracefulness.

Little ballerinas and mothers alike love the whole idea of these wonderful costumes with their sparkle and trimmings.

As a dad, I freely admit that I too love my little girl being up on stage looking so beautifully cute. Recitals are such fun to watch, even if it's sometimes difficult to pick out one bun’d head from all the others under those colorful lights.

Showing the ‘in-motion’ movement of legs, feet, hands, and costumes help us feel the dancing is still going on in the painting. I am pleased with the iridescent colors in the costume. These are good memories of good times for girls of all ages... and dads too.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    34"x 24"            25

    25.5"x 18"         200

    17"x 12"            300

    10"x 8"              400



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