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Loft Light

Loft Light

Loft Light | 11”x 14” | Oil on Canvas 

I have but one daughter and this is her at age eleven. I have painted her at least 18 times to date, I love doing so, perhaps she in my muse... “the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring an artist”.

Here my Emma is sitting inside the open hayloft doors of her grandpa’s barn. Although we don’t see her legs dangling down from the loft, we do see the sun coming in and lighting up her head and shoulders in warm colors.

Delightfully tendrils of loose hair light up in changing colors against the dark interior of the barn. As in my painting M, she leaves us to wonder what she may be thinking in that pretty little head of hers.
The original painting is in a private collection in Pheonix, AZ.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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