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M (greeting card)

M (greeting card)

M | 5”x 7” | Greeting Card


M is a portrait of a young girl I know well. As a model one might say she is my Helga. I have painted her 18 plus times. This portrait however, is a departure for me in that I have left out all context of place, dress, and time. The viewer is left alone with this one expression, this one moment in time. with no clues other than the face and hair of the girl herself.

Whether the viewer is aware of it or not, whether they like it or not, they will call upon the mental and emotional make-up of their own life as they determine how they feel about this image.

Each will come to their own conclusions as to what may be going on in this girls mind. What is she thinking? Where is she? Where has she been? Where is she going? What has she experienced? What could she tell us? What does she see in us?


There is much to consider and plenty of subtle elements to ponder for those who spend time with her.

It is my pleasure to share M with you.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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