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Making Merry with the Pink Pig (greeting card)

Making Merry with the Pink Pig (greeting card)

Making Merry with the Pink Pig | 5”x 14” | Greeting Card


Now this is a happy girl. She’s wearing the clothes she would like to wear every day, and she’s riding the animal she really wanted to ride - the Pink Pig... a very merry-go-round.

Being the father of two sons, the youngest of which was 14 when this little girl made her surprise appearance into our lives, I had had no idea just how very much I would enjoy having a daughter. Joy, oh joy, oh joy, and more joy! The effect she has had upon my heart is beyond my ability to express. My love for her is immeasurable.

Working from my photo reference, I made multiple alterations. The camera distortions required me to straighten all the poles and vertical elements of the merry-go-round structure. I also shifted the central operations portion of the ride on the right side, further to the left so more of the upper carving is visible. I also shifted a few animals on the left and added the chicken and zebra on the right. There are a surprising number of shades of pink in the pig, that glorious pink pig.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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