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Mary @ 100 (greeting card)

Mary @ 100 (greeting card)

Mary @ 100 | 9.25”x 4” | Greeting Card


When Mary’s daughter introduced me to her, in the senior care center where she was living, Mary was 100 years of age. Although the daughter explained that Mary often repeats the things she says, as though she had not previously said them, I found Mary to be clear headed, concise, capable and a strong willed woman.

The family let me know Mary had been a professional hair dresser. They said she was an impressive woman as she walked to her salon in a dress, high heels and fur coat; elegant and sharp.

I only met Mary the one time. I found her to be a beautiful, inspiring subject just as she was, wearing her robe with tightly pulled back hair, held by a rubber band.

Her daughter let me know that if Mary had known I was going to paint her portrait, she would have been horrified to have had her hair in such a state as it is in this painting. She would have wanted it done up nicely. On the other hand, the kids are all very pleased with the triple portrait as it is, because it shows their mother and grandmother as they know her at home - as mom.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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