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Mt. Ogden-Snow Basin (greeting card)

Mt. Ogden-Snow Basin (greeting card)

Mt. Ogden-Snow Basin | 5”x 7” | Greeting Card

Mount Ogden rises to the elevation of 9,579 feet in the northern Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. It is a World Class recreation destination for hikers, bikers and skiers. It is one of the many peaks that make up the Snow Basin Ski Resort. Snow Basin is one of the World’s Premier Ski Resorts and the site of the Down Hill races of the 2002 Winter Olimpics.

This work of art got its beginnings, in mid October, when I received a call from Bob and Karen Woodbury of Mt. Green, Utah. They let me know they had seen my name on my van, looked over my website and were interested in replacing an art print with an original landscape painting. The Woodburys had a pretty good idea of what they wanted, and invited me to go for a ride to see the views of the mountains they love to ski and hike. They also took me to their home to see the room and wall where they wanted to hang the painting.

After determining the size and price of the painting, getting the okay, and getting the needed canvas stretched, I began painting the sky in mid November. The intent was to have the painting complete for Christmas. Happily, after some long days and late nights, Bob and I worked together to hang the painting on Christmas Eve. A Merry Christmas indeed!

I worked from the top down. The foreground’s scrub oak, with it’s warm autumn colors coupled with the lively sage-brush, work together to strengthen the expansive depth of field as we visually move back to the hills and up the mountain.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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