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On Golden Waters

On Golden Waters

On Golden Waters | 60”x 40” | Oil on Canvas

While on the water in our kayaks, as the evening sky took on glory, my daughter and I felt as though we were part of the splendor. The colors came right across the water and took us in.


I painted the sky with broad, aggressive strokes, and loosely blended color, this strengthens the visual sense that the clouds are floating in the air between us and the sky. In painting the mountains, I kept their dark dynamic contrast while brushing strokes which flow with the natural slope of canyons and foothills. The water is thick in body and rich in color.

Imagine you are there, that you too are out there “on golden waters.”


"You should have the Art you Love"

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                # in Edition

    60"x 40"        25

    45"x 30"        200

    30"x 20"        300

    15"x 10"        400

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