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One Gallon Jug (greeting card)

One Gallon Jug (greeting card)

One Gallon Jug | 7”x 5” | Greeting Card


My grandmother’s home was a pioneer-like multi storied brick house with a cellar. As a child I found the outside cement stairs going down to this cellar to be a scary place, and even more so was the seldom used old wood door at the bottom of those stairs with it’s cloak of spider webs. But when it came to the actual cellar, though still a bit scary, it was more of a mysterious adventure of exploring through old things.


It was in this cellar that I discovered this one gallon jug. I believe it is an old milk bottle and I have moved it with me over the years. Recently I set-up the jug in front of a barn a couple of blocks down the street West of my studio here in Huntsville. 


I painted the barn-wall-background with a palette knife in an effort to portray the rough surface of the not-too-freshly painted wood. Striving to depict the smoothness of the bottle, I painted all the glass with brushwork. I am pleased with the sense of light and air in the bottle as expressed in the painting, and hope it brings pleasure to you as well.


“You should have the Art you Love”

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