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Poe's Raven

Poe's Raven

Poe’s Raven | 16”x 20” | Oil on Canvas 


In the beating heart of Philadelphia, amidst the lingering shadows of the Poe house's basement, an inscrutable impulse seized my soul. There, in that subterranean abyss, I was compelled to craft a painting that would encapsulate the very essence of Poe's eerie world.


Upon an oaken table, bearing the weight of bound erudition and dark suspense, are a small collection including a tome bearing the august name of Poe himself.


Central to this ominous tableau, and most vital to its haunting charm, is a Raven—a creature not merely ruffled in plumage, but one imbued with the power of speech, a being to extinguish light and transmute the very atmosphere into one of dread and mystery.


A forlorn candlestick of tarnished pewter, weathered by time's relentless grasp, cradles the darkened remnants of a candle's lamentable journey. What tales has it illuminated in its wavering glow, what macabre specters has it cast upon this basement's cold, damp walls?


As if guided by an unseen hand in a spectral dance, the candle's wisps of fading smoke intertwine with the shadowy contours of the dark bird's form. Amidst the waning tendrils, a solitary ember clings tenaciously to the wick's end, a fragile remnant of a once living flame.


Yet, in this cryptic cavern, one cannot help but ponder the secrets concealed behind those aged walls, where the echoes of Poe's chilling tales seem to whisper from the very plaster itself.


“You should have the Art you love”

  • Limited Editions Options

    Size              # in Edition

    20"x 16"       25

    15"x 12"       200

    10"x 8"         300



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