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Poplars Before the Storm

Poplars Before the Storm

Poplars Before the Storm | 9”x 6” | Oil on Panel

The immeasurable breadth of nature’s wonders continue to express themselves each day in many ways. We simply need to look to see them. The Earth provides soil which man can cultivate with various crops. The seemingly endless variety of trees provide such beauty and shade as well as homes for birds and other creatures. The mountains at some point in the past rose up from the surface of the earth under immense pressure, heat and force. Now we ski, hike, cycle, camp and explore in these beautiful scars on the face of mother earth.

Skies can be calm or threatening. Here we see morning light, before the approaching storm fully takes over the sky. We see contrast between the dynamic forces of light and dark, both are powerful. Both, in their extremes, can bring life or death. Both are most beautiful when seen together, each making visible the dynamic splendor of the other, like complementary opposites.
This is one of the many cherished views we get to see while taking morning walks up our dirt road.


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