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Poplars of Summer (greeting card)

Poplars of Summer (greeting card)

Poplars of Summer | 7”x 5” | Greeting Card


I love living in a place where it’s beautiful in every season. I have painted this scene in other seasons, each comes with its own moods and feelings.


This is one of my favorite places along the dirt lane my wife and I walk in the morning. We call the daily walk our Walkie-Talkie, as we work through life, the kids, and the coming day.


Here we look North across one of Ralph Hansen’s well managed, golden fields. Ralph’s a good man and fine neighbor. A tree lined stream borders his property over there. Further on we see the mountains ringing the North end of the valley, and then, further on and up we see the ever changing sky. This day we got some welcome shade from the thin clouds passing by.


"You should have the Art you Love"

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