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Rainbows | 24”x 8” | Oil on Canvas

It feels good, it feels special, it feels wondrous, to look up and see the pure colors of a rainbow. Their beauty is often made more dynamic when backed by storm clouds. This makes the colors
of the bow more brilliant and enhances a sense of transparency in them. In every season of the year, seeing a rainbow adds to our happiness.

It can be challenging to paint a rainbow in a realistic manner with such intense happy colors without taking it ‘over the top’. I didn’t want the painting to feel like there needed to be Unicorns running about. I am happy with the results. You can imagine the Unicorns if you like.


"You should have the Art you Love"

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size               # in Edition

    24"x 8"          25

    18"x 6"          200

    14"x 12"        300



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