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Rebellion, Independence, Integration, Neutralized | 10”x 8” | Oil on Canvas

This is my ‘abstract’ painting.
I have been to art school and I have learned to appreciate things about some Modern Art, but it is not in my heart to go there with my work. The name of this painting is a reflection of my thoughts toward much of Modern Art and it’s sub-movements.

A rebellion from the hard won skills developed throughout man’s history up to the late 19th-century. Rebels don’t always have a good cause, and should not always be followed. To a large degree the piper led many to the river, and convinced them on the way that they were rats, and that being a rat is somehow a good thing, and drowning somehow makes a deeply meaningful statement.


A sense of “independence” may be felt by the rebel, but how independent can a person be when everyone else is clambering to be the new sameness?

Integration into the art-for-art’s-sake crowd trying so desperately to be “original” without actual authenticity. Just a different crowd, and not a better one.


Neutralized: revving ones “creative” engine, but not actually going anywhere. Well, possibly coasting down hill with a dramatic crash here and there, but certainly not lifting society to higher ground.


There are otherwise highly intelligent men and women who have been so seduced by this corruption that they have said such things as “The art is so very bad that it is really good bad art.” and they have paid tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. These types, in this state of mind, are not my people, neither the “artist” nor the collector. So, this painting is my little rebellion against much of the rebellion called Modern Art.


Fortunately there is a resurgent appreciation for beauty and art-for-life’s- sake. These are my people, and I am theirs.


"You should have the Art you Love"

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