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S. Ivan Quist (greeting card)

S. Ivan Quist (greeting card)

S. Ivan Quist | 5”x 7” | Greeting Card


Ivan is a man’s man. Devoted first to his family, he spent real time with them and gave the kids the training a good father gives. He excelled in his own education, in his career, and in his personal interest as a horseman.He managed his affairs and finances admirably. And made time to serve in his church.


Hundreds of non family and non church people also knew, admired and loved him. They too were acquainted with his kindness, good sense, and very generous nature.


He applied clear, sound thinking and lived by true and correct principles. Ivan found a way to find, meet and often fund the needs of untold numbers of people. This quiet, unassuming man was a true friend to all.


Regarding the painting, this is the first time I painted plaid and I was quite nervous and unsure about how to go about it. Most paintings will have something new and challenging in them. As with this painting, it has been my experience that you just have to go at it and do your best. Amazingly it usually works out.


Ivan is in his blue plaid shirt and straw cowboy hat in a 3/4 pose facing off to our right. Behind him is the darker interior of his barn, which he built with his friend Clark Doxey. I am pleased to have known this man, be married to his daughter, and to have painted his portrait.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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