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Scarlet and the Blues (greeting card)

Scarlet and the Blues (greeting card)

Scarlet and the Blues | 9”x 4” | Greeting Card


These marbles are set as I see them in the North window of my studio, from my easel. “Clearies” were a favorite of mine as a kid. I was always fascinated by the world changing color and being turned upside down by the translucent spheres.


This particular combination provides some pleasing variation as we see the inverted green trees through the individually unique blue marbles, but see none of the tree’s natural color through the red shooter. Big, bold, beautiful, translucent  RED on the other hand, only allows us to see the world in tones of red; dominant, vibrant, and strikingly beautiful… dark or light, but only values of red.


It may be best explained by science, but, personally I kinda feel that Red is simply so confident that it is the most beautiful of colors that it sees no need to show any other colors through its most striking of hues.


As I started this painting I felt most challenged by the blending of various tones, colors and implied shapes in the foreground. As I worked this area of the painting, with the alla prima technique, my apprehension soon left and I quite enjoyed the experience.


“You should have the Art you Love”

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