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Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters | 36”x 24” | Oil on Canvas 


Seven Sisters, the mountain in the background, to the left of Geertsen Canyon, is my favorite mountain in Ogden Valley. As an artist I have a strong appreciation for the effects of light and shadow as they shift and play across the seven ridges of this mountain’s face. The natural angle of the mountain aligns with the sun in both morning and evening, to the best advantage for seeing its beauty, as the ridges cast shadows between and onto one another.


Additionally, the grasses and combination of foliage, and bald patches on the face of Seven Sisters show lovely changes of color in Spring, Summer, and Fall. I really love the visual effects this has, and how they make me feel.


The lower half of this scene shows fields on the pleasant rolling surface of the valley floor. An area of wetland provides for a variety of wildlife, in this place we lovingly call home.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size               # in Edition

    36"x 24"        25

    27"x 18"        200

    18"x 12"        300

    12"x 8"          400


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