Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters | 36”x 24” | Oil on Canvas 

Seven Sisters, the mountain in the background, to the left of Gertson Canyon is my favorite Mountain up here in Ogden Valley... speaking as an artist. The slope of this section of mountain is made up of seven ridges. These ridges are angled just right to catch sunlight both morning and evening so as to cast shadows between and onto one another. I really like this play of light and shadow that happens so naturally. The combination of foilage and bald patches are also very appealing to me, as are the marvelous seasonal changes which play into the colors of everything. I find it to be emotionally moving... natures living art.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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    Size               # in Edition

    36"x 24"        25

    27"x 18"        200

    18"x 12"        300

    12"x 8"          400