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Sunset Over the Olympic Peninsula

Sunset Over the Olympic Peninsula

Sunset Over the Olympic Peninsula | 51”x 64” | Oil on Canvas


This is a painting full of memories to the Knight family who commissioned it. This scene is seen from the back yard of their home in the State of Washington. Just beyond the grass there is a 50’ drop down to the sea. This area has a tidal shift of 10 to 11 feet. When the tide is out, there is plenty of exploring to be done down there.


For the sunset to be seen on the peninsula at that location, they know they are seeing it during the winter months.


In painting the trees I brought a lot of color onto the trunks, and into the area of the branches where they cross in front of the colorful, distant clouds. I was also able to represent the branch connections to the trees in a way that brings some forward and some back, this gives more natural depth and dimension to the trees.


The foreground was also given more life by giving the greenery and split-rail fence more color and texture than the reference photograph provided.


There is a real sense of “being there” as one views this painting.


“You should have the Art you Love”

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                 # in Edition

    51"x 64"         25

    40"x 50"         200

    28.7"x 36"      300

    20.25"x 25"    400

    13"x 16"           500

    8"x 10"        600

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