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The Basin in Splendor

The Basin in Splendor

The Basin in Splendor | 69”x 44” | Oil on Canvas


In an effort to have the art they love, Steve and Lori Miles had me go with them to this spot (about 3 miles from my Huntsville studio) to see this scene. We actually went in July when things were mostly green, and the mountains were right for cycling and hiking.


However, they wanted their art to show the wonders of Snowbasin cloaked in an early snow, and the foothills rich in the warm colors of Autumn.


Using an artist's discretion, in an effort to best compose the scene for viewing pleasure, I shifted the barns and trees on the left a bit to the right, and some trees on the right side, which would have been off canvas, to the left. Also, to see this magnificent snow covered  mountain to best advantage, I enlarged the mountain proportionally behind the foothills.


One morning, driving past the scene, I was delighted to see the hay had been bailed. I took more photo images and included bales in the field. This added strength to the visual depth of field in the painting. This also presents the idea of a late, “lucky”, extra crop, and implies good fortune for those who have the art in their home.


Snowbasin is one of the world’s premier ski resorts. The Down Hill races of the 2002 Winter Olympics were held here. Many of the homes in Ogden Valley are situated to take best advantage of their view of this mountain, where so many ski and recreate.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size               # in Edition

    69"x 44"       25

    56.5"x 36"    200

    44"x 28"       300

    31.4"x 20"    400

    20"x 12.75"  500

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