The Basin in Splendor

The Basin in Splendor

The Basin in Splendor | 69”x 44” | Oil on Canvas

Snow Basin is one of the world’s premier ski resorts. The Down Hill races of the 2002 Winter Olimpics were held here. This beautiful scene is typical here in Ogden Valley.

I began this work of art in July by going with Steve and Lori Miles of Salt Lake City (they commissioned the painting) to the spot where one gets this point of view. I wanted to see and get a feel for what they were after. Despite everything being in the shades of summer green, the Miles’ wanted the snow they love so much to be on the slopes of the Basin, and the foothills to be in the splendor of Autumn.

Once the canvas was ready I began painting the blue of the sky and worked my way down through the painting with the mountains, foot hills, barns and trees, and then onto the field until finishing the bottom outer edge of the canvas. This is typically my way, to paint the deeper space first and work forward. I work on 1.5”deep canvas’ and paint the edge all around as though the painting continued there. This suits the floating style of frame I make.

I used two brushes in painting this work: A #10 M. Grumbacher N.Y. “Gainsborough” 1271b flat, which will go with the painting. And a #4 filbert Prinston Dakota 6300FB, a brush I also enjoy.


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  • Limited Edition Options

    Size               # in Edition

    69"x 44"       25

    56.5"x 36"    200

    44"x 28"       300

    31.4"x 20"    400

    20"x 12.75"  500