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The Beauty of the Valley

The Beauty of the Valley

The Beauty of the Valley | 9”x 6” | Oil on Panel

Its not only delightful to rise each day to such a beautiful place as Ogden Valley, it’s also healing to the soul. The valley is beautiful in every direction with it’s ring of mountains, foot hills, central reservoir, trees and fields. Not to mention the wildlife, skiing, cycling and hiking etc... The air is clean and fresh, the well water is the best there is. Traffic is so light that we tease, “If you stop at a stop sign, and see a car coming in the cross direction, and the car is still 2 or 3 blocks away, you just sit and wait, because you may not see another one.”

This scene lets us see Snow Basin Ski Resort, the foot hills, trees, the reservoir and it’s beaches. By comparison, in winter the leaves are down, all is buried in snow and the much lower water is frozen solid. Winter is great for skiers, skaters, and ice fishermen. I love the beauty of it all.


"You should have the Art you Love"

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