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The Way Home

The Way Home

The Way Home | 9”x 6” | Oil on Panel

As a young girl my wife had a little Welsh Pony named Rocky. Growing up in this little mountain valley with it’s dairy farms, friends were not real close by. So, she would saddle-up (with a little help from dad to get the cinch tight) and ride up the dirt road, through fields and across streams, to get to friends houses.

After a full day of play and helping with their chores, she would ride home again. Sometimes it would be getting dusk and she would be a bit afraid coming down the dirt road when she got to the place with the trees on both sides. Imagination stirs up wild things in a young mind where there are shadows and rustling leaves. She would urge the willing Rocky to greater speed, he too wanted to get home.

This is a painting of this significant place which has many happy, and, some scary memories.


"You should have the Art you Love"

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