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Together (the Watts children) (greeting card)

Together (the Watts children) (greeting card)

Together (the Watts children) | 7”x 5” | Greeting Card


One of the best ways to develop unity and love in a family is to spend time together, to do things together, to go places together, to have experiences together.


It’s also helpful to share a deeply held belief that each one is a valued part of an even bigger family, a heavenly family, with heavenly parents, with whom you hope to live forever… together.


This beautiful scene of five close siblings is at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Their devoted parents were walking behind, with dad taking pics.


Artistically, the image enjoys a wonderfully big expanse of landscape coupled with the uniquely pleasing spacing and positions of the children. A solid, feel good, composition.


Also, the combination of colors are delightfully complimentary with the many shades of blue coupled with the bright orange shirt, which reflects intense red-orange tones onto the oldest girl particularly.


As the artist painting this work, I find the varied spacing between the children to be absolutely delightful, including the variety of positions of their legs and feet.The painterly abstraction of shape and diversity of color in the reflected legs add interest and pleasure.


Despite the coolness of so much blue overall, the image has a light / bright ‘feeling’ with real emotional warmth. Even with most of what we see of the children being in shadow, these are shadows with life.


"You should have the Art you Love."

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