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Tree Thinking

Tree Thinking

Tree Thinking | 60”x 40” | Oil on Canvas

This girl is at home in a tree. It’s her place to go, her place to be, to dream and to think. We can see she is comfortable out-of-doors. We see the mosquito bites on her legs, the dirt under her nails and the weathered texture of her face. All telling signs that she is likely a tree climber. We can see her mind at work, sense her making dreams and seeing visions.

Did you ever have such a private place, a space all your own? Let this image take you back into cherished childhood memories of carefree days. Moments of escape from everything and everyone. Time simply spent playing and day dreaming.


Perhaps you can still find time for a little tree thinking.


Awards / Honors

  • Best of Show - Professional Category, Utah State Fair, 2013
  •  Peoples Choice - Professional Category, Utah State Fair, 2013
  •  Grand Prize - Over All Fine Arts, Utah State Fair, 2013
  •  2nd Place, Eccles Community Art Center, State Wide Invitational, 2013


This painting is in the private collection of the girls mother.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    60"x 40"            25

    45"x 30"            200

    30"x 20"            300

    15"x 10"            400

    12"x 8"              500  




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