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Yo-Yos 2

Yo-Yos 2

Yo-Yos 2 | 72”x 30” | Oil on Canvas

Playing with a yoyo is like feeling the warmth of Summer sunshine, getting a good baseball card with bubble gum, or going fishing with your best buddy and catching your limit.

Learning to do Walk the dog, Around the world, or Baby in the Cradle is such fun, especially when you get good at it.

This second painting of yoyo’s was commissioned by one of my fine collectors. I enjoyed working out the composition and painting these vintage wood yoyo’s with their beautiful patina. It was a true pleasure for me. I love this sort of thing. 


How fun to have a yoyo from the New York Worlds Fair, a Cheerio Championship yoyo, and check out that Rooster. There almost seems to be a glow from the colors on these yoyo’s, and very nice reflected color onto the foreground as well.


"You should have the Art you Love."

  • Limited Edition Options

    Size                   # in Edition

    72"x 30"          25

    60"x 25"          200

    48"x 20"         200

    36"x 15"          200

    24"x 10"          250

    12"x 5"             300



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