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Commission a Painting

Mark B. Goodson (3)

This is a simple thing to do.


Just let me know you are interested in having a painting done.


I will help you select the subject matter / image. 


I will work out the composition and present it for your approval.


I will assist in determining the canvas size to best meet your needs and desires.


Once we know the size and subject matter, I will provide pricing information.


All of this as a free service to you.


Once you have determined you want to commission the painting, I will ask for a 50% initial investment, and commit to an approximate completion date.


When your painting is complete, and you are very happy with it, I will accept your investment balance.


Bonus Gifts for you:


  • A Frame. I will make and install, as a gift to you, a shadow box style wood frame, so your painting is ready to hang.


  • Shipping in the USA, if required, is free.


  • With your original painting, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity Booklet, which includes the following:

    • A very nice Certificate of Authenticity.

    • A story / description page about your painting, with a color image of the painting.

    • A cover letter.

    • A page describing the provenance value of the documentation in the booklet.

    • The Artist’s Story.

    • An Artist’s Statement.

    • The Artist’s Bio.

    • And, as a special gift to you, a brush actually used by the artist in creating your painting.

Let's create something wonderful!

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon.

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