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Artist Statement

As a fine art painter, I work in a representational manner, in a realistic style, portraying a “natural” feel in the painted scene. With a solid understanding of, and appreciation for, values, edges, textures, well-developed shadows, light, and reflected light, my painted forms have native volume and mass. Elements play well together in a true sense of atmosphere with good depth of field.

My works read well up close and at a distance. Past years of working in graphic art have strengthened my natural sense for good composition. Unique attributes of my work also include a richness of color combined with the natural, yet lively beauty, of both light and shadow.

Despite there being a high degree of realism in my work, I do not aim to paint hyper-photo-realistic art. While I seldom use the impasto technique of laying paint on really thick, my work is painterly. I enjoy the buttery body of the paint on the palette and the brush, and its textures on the canvas. For me the brush stroke must be visible, the hand of the artist evident.

My subject matter is eclectic: the world is full of fascinating people, inspiring places, and both interesting and beautiful things, especially things that show the patina, the wear-and-tear that comes from being handled by humans.

Despite the difficulty and challenges involved, or perhaps because of them, painting people is where I find my greatest pleasure and satisfaction. I feel people are the most fascinating thing on the planet. Being able to capture the ‘real’ person, to show personality, emotion, and attitude is a gift I dearly appreciate. People are so perfectly imperfect, both physically and emotionally. We are all so very human... so very beautiful and appealing to my artistic eye, I love to paint people... and places... and things.

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